Lung cancer treatments are increasing at a rapid pace, which makes it confusing to find and understand your options. LungMATCH allows you to be informed and guided in a manner that works best for you.

This comprehensive service will help you find appropriate treatment options to discuss with your doctor. To get started, call us at 1-800-298-2436, email or use the form below.

Treatment specialists

Access free, personal one-on-one guidance about your treatment options. Our LungMATCH specialists are partners on your treatment journey—clarifying options, referring you for molecular testing, directing you to appropriate clinical trials and following up with you after treatment begins.

We make it a priority to understand and pass along this knowledge about the most current treatment options so you will be better prepared for discussions with your treatment team.

Get Molecular Testing

If you have not had molecular testing on your cancer, we can help. Lung Cancer Alliance has a partnership with a leading precision medicine company, Perthera, to offer molecular testing to all patients with lung cancer.  To get started, call us at 1-800-298-2436, email or use the “Lung Cancer Questions?” tab on the right to request a call about molecular testing.  Our Treatment and Trial Navigators will explain how the program works. Personalized treatment recommendations will be provided for you to discuss with your doctor. Get started today!

Online clinical trial matching service

An online search is an easy way to identify the right clinical trial for you. Begin by clicking “start” in the Lung Cancer Trials Tool on this page or by contacting our LungMATCH specialists. Check here for additional information on clinical trials and how they work.

Educational literature

Our extensive library of downloadable brochures covers topics related to diagnosis, side effects and symptom management, treatments, risk and screening and support. Upon request, materials can be sent via the U.S. mail.

To get started or for questions, please contact the HelpLine at 1-800-2982436 or

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Find a Clinical Trial Online

Find a Clinical Trial Online